We help Montreal area Seniors choose the best Residence for their next chapter. 

Whether you are fully autonomous or you will benefit from assisted living or nursing care, there is a perfect Seniors Residence for you!

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I'm Steve, an expert in finding the best Seniors Residence for you

We are Seniors Choice Montreal, a 100 % free consulting service helping Seniors and their families select the best Private Seniors Residence to move to from their current living situation, for their next chapter of life.

We guide the Senior and their families from initial consultation and assessment of the Senior, through visits to a selection of appropriate Residences. It all culminates in selecting the ideal Residence fit and getting the best possible deal at Lease signing.


We also complete all the paperwork and Government assistance applications with you.

Our services are always 100% Free for the client. We are compensated by the Residences. Our inside knowledge and our close relationships with the Residences ensures you will get the best lease rate possible and we take advantage of every special.

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Why us ?

Seniors Choice Montreal is headed by Steve Besner who is unique as a Residence Consulting Leader with his many years working inside, as Leasing Manager within many of the most respected Residence Groups such as Sunrise, Groupe Maurice, Symphony and Reseau Selection.


This gives us the advantage of knowing how the Residences operate, what questions to ask when visiting, what to look for when touring and what to expect after a move in. We look beyond the sales presentation. We give our clients the complete scoop !


We also understand the importance of selecting a Residence, not only for today but for tomorrow as well. The Residence you choose must be suitable for your immediate situation and lifestyle but should also be able to accommodate all your needs well into your future years so you will not need to move again.

We will save you money

We are up to date on all promotions and specials on Lease rates and services. We have the inside knowledge on how to negotiate the best rates available for each Residence and we take advantage of all known and hidden specials.

We never charge our clients. We are paid by the Residences and the Residences love to work with us.

We will save you time

There are hundreds of Residences in the Montreal area. You can’t visit them all!


We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate and assess your situation and your lifestyle desires and guide you to touring the most appropriate Residences for you. 


We will also make it easy for you by offering to chauffeur you door to door as we visit Residences together.

Client's Comments

To learn more about your option of enjoying the stimulating, yet simple lifestyle of a Seniors Residence, contact us anytime


"Steve delivers Ritz-Carlton-style service to the senior residence referral business.


He not only genuinely cared about mom's well-being but he has made himself available according to our schedule, worked promptly, provided quick response to our questions , tax forms, etc.


His vast knowledge of available residences was invaluable. Steve was also wonderful in speaking with mom to help her accept this big change in her life.


Steve was a joy to work with and continues to be even after mom has moved in."

Sonja Jane  - Resident's family member at Westhill 

"Dear Steve


It has been two weeks since my mother was moved to Manoir Beaconsfield. I have to tell you it has been a seamless transition and part of it is thanks to your incredible assistance. If it weren’t for your knowledgeable experience dealing with senior placement the process would have been so much harder.


Your compassion and understanding of such a difficult move made it a lot easier to make the proper decision. After all it is more than just one person to deal with. I was part of it too! Knowing she is safe and well taken care of puts my heart at ease and it is thanks to you that all went smoothly. 

Thank you again. 

Warm regards,

Marcia Shuster "- Resident's family member at Manoir Beaconsfield

"I have known Steve for 5 years and he is one of the most sincere, honest people I know.  He is very knowledgeable and has always been helpful to me whenever I had a problem. 


He is so even tempered and I feel I can go and speak with him about anything at any time.  He always makes time for whatever I have to say.  And more importantly, he always has a way to make me feel better.


He really knows his business and it is obvious to see he enjoys it.  It’s always a pleasure to deal with him."



Judy Salhany - Resident's family member at Reseau Selection Residence

Tel: 514-999-8676

Email: seniorschoicemontreal@gmail.com